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(Realesed) Transfumations and creations? #1

Posted by PessimisticAsshole - June 25th, 2022

(A small Gore warning, and I suppose raunchy warning?)

Here I will explain Transfurmations and how they are created...

Mostly dead latex.

Necromancers + Swipers + Walking corpses:

Necromancers are a type of latex that take over dead bodies...

They can transfur you via infection, or when you die.

Getting a crystal dug into your skin will leave a black patch of latex around your body.

The symptoms are similar to rabies.

If not treated within 2 hours, your skin will peel off and your hair falls off.

You rot and decay like a corpse as you vomit latex.

The latex vomited will cover your body as you fall on it.

It covers you and turns you into a beast.

Then your skull is visible a couple minutes later on the beast.

Getting a deep wound by their claws will give you tetanus, and you will just fall and die.

Until you wait to be claimed by a Necromancer.

Necromancers can enter any orifice in a person's dead body...


As the Necromancer enters, it begins growing veins inside your body that dissolve your eyes and some organs.

You become more or less a bag inside.

There the Necromancer has to wait before it can completely masks the corpse.

The bones are left after an hour.

The beast has formed, and your bones and some organs remain...

I think you know some...

Swipers just drag in dead bodys and mangle them.

And rip out organs, they create another Necromancer.

Walking Corpses are bodies that are freshly taken over.

They stumble trying to adapt to their body.

They have trouble with moving their hands so expect to be Unintentionally groped...

The walking corpses bite, and they try to leave as much wounds possible for infections.

Their infections are slightly potent.

If not treated with a vaccine within 30 minutes, you will turn into a Necromancer...

The Vulture:

The Vulture prefers to eat corpses rather than turn them into another them...


They can.

The Vulture swoops down and pierces your head, it violently pulls off your head Mortal Kombat style.

As your head and body falls, it jams it's spine into where your head was and connects it's spine to yours.

After the Vulture takes over your body, your body begins to turn into a robe.

The Vulture losses it's needles and looks like that of the Grim Reaper.

But it does become a Reaper afterwards...

The Medic:

Medics aren't really ok with killing people... So they look for dead bodies.

If they see a dead body, they will immediately investigate and analyze it and turn it into another Medic.

The Medics comfort and console the dead bodies as they slowly engulf them, creating a new Medic.


They are created via Necromancer intercourse...

They do things just like humans...

Cubs are born like babies, they just slide out... Ew...

They are born within a week.


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