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Posted by PessimisticAsshole - June 27th, 2022

*2 hours later...*

Colin wakes up and walks out of the room.

He examines around the library.

The puddle is still there.

It smells awful...

He continues on walking past by the dropped bookshelves in a small corridor.

Colin sees some hanging Necromancers with bloody bags over their heads.

Colin cautiously walks...

They start moving near him.

He speeds up trying not to get grabbed.

Colin is grabbed by the torso and carried up near the ceiling by one.

Colin struggles.

He flails but, the monster doesn't let go...

He pulls out his weapon and stabs it.

The weapon breaks...

he drops it.

Colin stops as he reaches the ceiling.

Colin is afraid...

5 minutes later.

The monster carries Colin over a terrifying pit of Necromancers...

The monster sets down Colin in a different room, very far from the Necromamcer pit.

The monster leaves as Colin ponders in confusion.

Colin spots something.

It's a laundromat?

Colin takes a small time to process it.

He just accepts it.

Colin goes inside the laundromat.

He takes off his suit and puts his items on the table.

He inserts some coins.

And he washes his suit.

He just waits as the blood washes off.

He sees a backpack and snags it.

The backpacks contents are...

Water, bullets, pictures, a single vaccine, and a tape.

Colin looks at the pictures...

It shows a small group of workers washing clothes, the next picture shows the room with no light.

The other picture shows them fighting dead latex.

The next shows some dead workers and some Necromancers with their skulls broken in half.

One looks to have a rod in it's head, one seems to have been beaten to death.

That's all...

Colin inserts the tape in the recorder slot.

Audio plays.

He eats some chips and uses some of his coins to get a jaw breaker and a gumball.

Colin eats and drinks as he listens...

"Dr. K, why did you send us here again?."

Dr. K responds.

"Just wash clothes."

"Just to wash clothes?... but we're scientists, shouldn't we just be doing that instead?

Hmmmm... typical K... jerk."

The sound of machines turning on fills the room.

Wash and drier noises...

Suddenly the sound of a mechanical door slamming...

"What the hell?!

Hey- what the those things?!

Are those... the furries we killed?!

Why are they still here, but with skulls this time?

What's the meaning of this Dr. K?"


Dr. K says

"I won't elaborate, go die for all I care."

The sound of struggling and crashing mchines are hear.

Scream of humans and wails of the undead are heard.

Suddenly, silence...

The tape ends.

Colin reflects, trying to understand what happened...

Colin's clothes finish washing.

He dries them.

15 minutes later...

Colin gets his washed clothes and puts the back on.

He packs his things and continues.

Colin walks into a medical room.

He sees a couple weird looking Necromancers with a round skull, some blue gloves, and hats.

They look like medics.

They are putting back together a weird dragon looking creature.

They digitally put the bones in place and fix them.

Just as Colin saw them, he tries to tip toe back.

They spot him and he runs to the door.

They run after him.

Colin runs towards the door and he pulls out his keycard clumsily.

The dead latex are behind him and stare, doing nothing...

One of the latex use sign language.

Colin doesn't understand, but knows that they are trying to communicate.

Colin calms down.

The latex extends their arm, and opens the palm of their hand.

They offer Colin some pills, and some weird looking green liquid in a corked bottle.

Colin accepts it.

The latex see a bandage.

They do more sign language and put their hand on Colin's wrist.

They slightly roll up his sleeve.

Colin is a bit surprised by it.

The weird latex take a closer look at it.

They see some scratches...

They bring Colin to a table.

They put their hand on it and tap it lightly.

Signaling that they want to help Colin with his wounds.

Colin is a little hesitant.

They patiently wait.

Colin takes off his suit.

Colin sighs and lays on the table.

They carefully take off the bandages and add a little rubbing alcohol to the wounds.

Colin twitches slightly.

They rub the wounds gently with wet wipes.

They view his wounds on his back.

They add some weird pink cream on Colin's wounds.

A couple minutes later.

Colin feels his wounds leaving.

They heal and turn into scars.

They are finished.

They tap on the table.

Colin gets off and thanks them.

They salute and some nod.

They continue working...

They go back to working on that strange skeleton reaper thing...

Colin looks around curiously.

He secretly takes some more pills and that cream they used on him...

He takes some medicine.

Colin looks at some of the papers.

He picks them up.

They are called medics...

The heal wounds of human and latex, and bring back dead latex...

They can turn dead people into them.

One of the latex tap on his shoulder.

Colin looks at it and puts the papers down.

He apologizes.

Colin just keeps on walking.

The Medics finish restoring the monster.

The beast gets up and flies.

Colin and it make eye contact.

The beast rushes after him.

Colin runs like hell.

He gets his keycard and opens the door.

He slams it shut.

The beast almost hits the door.

It flies back feeling defeated.

*45 minutes later.*

Colin spots puddles everywhere in an empty office.

He carefully walks.

He spots a little hand in a puddle following him.

He waits and the hands gently grabs his leg, tugging it.

Colin doesn't know if he should do anything.

It starts digging it's claws...

Colin stomps the hand back into it's puddle.

A horde of Necromancers are alerted and walk their way slowly towards Colin.

Colin just bolts in an instant...

He enters an empty armory room full of Necromancers and flying monsters...

Colin looks at the door and tries to open it.

It's locked...

He's screwed...

Colin looks on as the horde approaches him fast.

He takes a look at his items.

The pills he took were pain killers.

Colin takes out a couple vaccines.

Colin equips the pipe.

It feels lighter.

Colin goes near the corner and tries to juke the horde.

He manages to but with getting scratched a little.

He passes by, with another slight wound...

He hits some Necromancers with the pipe.

He manages to break some skulls open.

Colin rushes by again.

He finds a lazer?

Colin uses it since he doesn't have enough strength to carry the pipe.

Colin uses the odd looking lazer and points it at the horde.

It heats some Necromamcers and flying monsters up, and bursts them up into flames.

Colin uses the lazer more...

It heats up in his hand and burns him a little.

Colin drops it, as he waves his hand and blows it.

He takes a pain killer...

Colin snatches up a combat knife, worn out gas mask, and a pistol magazine.

The Necromancers are still vast and running after him like hell...

The smell of bruning rubber over powers him.

Colin doesn't waste his time and just dips.

He left the lazer.

Colin's enters a safe room...

Colin looks at his stuff.

He inserts some bullets into the magazine for possible use...

Colin adds some rubbing alcohol and a bandage to his wound.

Colin seems a little fed up.

He's still pretty distressed though.

Colin thinks to himself.

"My life sucks..."

Colin shakes his head.

He adds some cream to his hand and wounds.

He heals well, but not mentally...

Colin decides that he will practice possible combat tactics instead of sleeping for now.

Colin does some stuff inside the room.

He gathers up stuff around it and cuts it.

Colin slightly learned some new tactics, but it wasn't really for moving foes.

He just practices again.

3 hours later.

It's gotten dark outside...

Colin is asleep on a couch in the room.

His dreams are pleasant and nice...

He dreams of his past? But doesn't recall anything...

The end.





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